Virtual health Osteopathic Appointments.
Bespoke treatment, cutting edge thinking safely at home around you.

Welcome to cutting edge Virtual Osteopathy. It's fast. Its convenient. It's simple. It's safe. And it's based around you.

Outstanding communication.
Commitment to outstanding outcomes.
First class support for you.
Bespoke treatment plan based around you.
Safety and comfort of your own home.
A Solution to your problems to you.

What to expect from your Virtual Appointment.

Our procedure to help you.

1. Download Zoom, link here. This will allow us to be able to Video Call you for your appointment. This has both Android and apple store links on.

2. Install procedure. Please watch until 2.20 seconds.

3. Just before our session, we send you a link to connect to our private session.

We are ready to go. Its that simple. Its that fast.