Corona Virus (COVID-19). Urgent Appointments Only.

We will all need to pull together at this time. National unity is needed. We have had directino from our association. The Institute of Osteopathy. We plan to triage patients to assess there need and urgency of their problem.

We need to see those that need seeing to make sure the pressure on the NHS is minimised. We need to take pressure off the NHS at this time of need. So if you are extremely acute and need to help we will need to assess you needs for an appointment and the risk of you needing to access the NHS in the near future.

We will need to balance the risk of infection against the risk of your need to accessing the NHS. This isn't easy so please be understanding. We may deem that a free telephone call would be the best course forward. We may feel you needs are better suited to a Video call.

Video Appointments Via Zoom. We can still call you though. What to expect from your Telephone / Video Appointment.

In the case of 'Urgent Appointments' -Covid 19 Screening and Procedures

If we feel an urgent appointment is appropriate we will send you an email with the following information on it.

I confirm that I am in pain and in requirement of urgent Osteopathic Treatment. Please print this out or have it available electronically if questioned on your journey to us.
I agree to

1) I have not been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid 19, or showing any symptoms of Covid 19. E.g. High Temperature, a persistent cough.
2) I have read the latest information and I am adhering to it. COVID-19 NHS News Link.
3) I am self isolating and I will continue to do so. I do not have a high temperature or persistent cough nor have I in the last 14 days.
4) I have not been and will not go within 2.5 metres of a person of 70 years of age or over.
5) I will not be in contact with any vulnerable group defined by the NHS guideline.
6) I will wait in my car until collected by my Osteopath.
7) I understand that on entry to the clinic I will wash my hands with hot soap and water for 20 seconds and dry on paper towels. I will use alcohol hand sanitiser on my way out.
8) I understand that Osteopathic Consultancy will be using anti viral surfaces wipes to clean all surfaces I and all patients come into contact with.
9) The appointment will be a 1v1 with no one else in the clinic. This is to keep to the government guidelines of 2 people in a gathering.
10) I understand that my Osteopath and myself may be infected with Covid-19 and this is at our own risk. I believe my need to treatment outweighs the risks of catching Covid-19.
11) I also realise I will need to do one of these forms for each visit.
12) Osteopathic Consultancy will replace the pillow case each time and I will not have a plinth cover.
13) I have replied to this email to confirm these facts. I will reply to the email with 'I agree'

At Osteopathic Consultancy, we value our patients and team. We want to communicate our commitment to their safety and well-being. As an organisation, we will continue to exceed all Department Of Health and General Osteopathic Council recommended precautions. This will aid in preventing exposure to COVID-19 or other flu viruses to our team and patients.

For up to date Covid-19 -> NEWS LINK NHS for the information.

We appreciate these are difficult times and you need our support. If you or anyone you know needs our help please contact us. Sharon and I have volunteered at Surrey Prepared. For information click here. They need volunteers and are there for any help you may need.

A heartfelt warnest regards to you and your family. I truely believe we can all pull together.

Alex Watson
Clinical Director
Osteopathic Consultancy Team