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We Care, We Treat, We Succeed. These are our core principles and values at Osteopathic Consultancy. We care and value every patient as a person. We aim at clinical excellence not regulatory requirements in treatment. We value your goals and make them ours. Our processes make coming and receiving treatment easy and accessible. This allows us to succeed.

Osteopathic Consultancy is a clinic founded in Frimley Green in the year 2000. We help people in pain in the Frimley, Camberley, Farnborough, Lightwater, Bagshot, Fleet and Aldershot areas with great results. Many of us are in pain from time to time and have no idea of how to help ourselves. It is a common problem. If you are reading this, look no further we are here to help you.

You may have already been to see your Doctor, Physiotherapist, Consultant, Chiropractor, Pain Clinic or Masseuse and exhausted those avenues. This is a common scenario for us with new patients. You many have spoken to the Surgeon, but don't fancy the operation. Or maybe the odds are not good enough for you to feel happy with it? Are you stuck at the pain clinic, but still in pain? One thing we always tell our patients is that once you have seen us, you are always our patient. You can request a free call back from your Osteopath. They are happy to reply to your emails. We are always here to help, even if your problem is not one we can help with, we are always happy to advise you.

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More About Osteopathic Consultancy

The principal Alex Watson founded the clinic in 2000. He says ‘I have seen a lot of patients coming to us desperate for help. I am not saying we have all the answers, but we have excellent success rates and are happy to utilise the NHS for our patients benefit’.

We are open 6 days a week and have evening appointments and early morning appointments available. If you require immediate help we can often get a same day appointment for you via our 6 day a week phone or 365 days 24/7 online service.

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Osteopathic Treatment in Camberley, Frimley and Farnborough Osteopathy in Camberley, Frimley and Farnborough

Your Healthcare Guarantee

Registered with the GosC. Osteopaths must hold recognised qualifications, be indemnity insured, and pass a criminal records check. All our Osteopaths are members of The Institute of Osteopathy.

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Introduction to Osteopathic Consultancy

Alex Watson - Why I became an Osteopath